It’s all about your Vision:

I love making music.  Working with people together and creating something that’s bigger than all of us is why I do it.  My job is to see and feel what your vision is with the project.  Sometimes this happens right away, and sometimes it takes work to make that happen.

Your vision is what drives a project.  Your vision is going to influence decisions.  Whether something truly “feels right” is all connected to your vision.  Knowing your vision is one of the most important keys to the success of your project.

Sometimes the vision isn’t clear.  At that point the goal is to find clarity in your vision.  Sometimes it becomes clearer as the project progress but if it’s not there, things may be difficult.

Some tips on finding your vision:

A lot of the time I’ve discovered that referencing music already out there is effective.  Artists always say, “I was listening to this when I wrote this” or “this was the vibe I was going for”.  It’s almost part of the process to hear something else out there and compare or match certain elements.

When writing instrumentals for artists I hear, “I want this vibe” or “I want a track that sounds like this”. These are very common to hear from artists that need specific types of music for their projects.

Once your vision is in place, you now have a goal.  Our job working together is to make you’re personality and your unique vision come to life.

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