Mixing Matters!

Just imagine your vision jumping out of the speakers! Your vision is the most important thing.  My opinion is just a guide.  Yes, you are hiring me for my expertise, but my experience tells me to listen to you.


Before & After Examples

Mixing Done Right


I always ask artists and producers what they want.  We spend time and energy figuring this out because it’s one of the most important things in production.  Do you want to make art and experiment with no goals in mind?  Because without vision, you have experimentation.  Without a target market in mind, you have only art. 

Your music is art, but your art is meant to be enjoyed.  My job is to find a balance between your audience's expectations and your vision.


Mixing Done Right

Mixing is fun!  One of my favorite things about mixing is the reaction from people when they get to experience their music coming to life.  It’s powerful, emotional, and inspiring!

  • Mixing brings your project to a level of sonic quality competitive with your audience’s expectations.
  • It doesn't change your song or the ideas.  It's meant to elevate your ideas and present them in a way people can relate to.
  • Every project, artist, and producer is different.  There is no blanket way mix that works for everyone.  The first step is to communicate. 


What My Clients Say About My Work


“Mark and I met in 2014, and have been working together ever since. He started out remixing songs for me, and then ended up reproducing a song I'd written with another producer--before we started writing and producing songs together. Our first original is the song "Crash", which was released as an Apple Music exclusive in October 2017, and even ended up on the Apple Music "Hot Tracks" list! We have a great working chemistry, and always manage to create amazing records.”



"Marks mixes are balanced, creative and innovative. He really takes tracks to the next level with his production, mixing, and composition."

Tyler Callahan


“Working with Mark has been a true joy! His enthusiasm and ability to take any song to the next level, keeps me coming back. An incredible engineer, producer, and songwriter… I’m a big fan.”